Email Leads

In the field of digital marketing, email marketing campaigns are perhaps the most commonly used online strategy. With this being the case it’s important that you’re targeting your campaign at the right people on the right platform so generating high quality, real-time email leads is a necessity if you’re going to have a successful campaign.

One of the main reasons why email marketing campaigns are perhaps the most popular strategy around is that they’re cost effective. At LeadsBroker we’re able to generate on average around 400,000 new leads a day, so by investing in our lead generation services you’re certainly going to be the beneficiaries of an immense return on your investment.

Before you fly into your email marketing strategy the first step is to build up an extensive emailing list to ensure that your message is being spread to as many audience members as possible. However, it’s vital that you’re targeting the right people and that’s when our team at LeadsBroker can step in and help. The effectiveness of our targeting methods is second to none and we guarantee that we will only supply you with leads that have a genuine interest in the services and products that you’re promoting.

A Variety of Methods

There are a number of ways in which we can generate email leads over a number of platforms. Whether it’s over the phone, on social media or through your website, we can create an effective email lead generation solution for your business.

Generating email leads is not as straightforward as finding landline addresses, there is a greater element of skill to it. A more common method of ours is that we create advertisements for your website which will enable your audience to sign up for more news or discounts on your products and services. We will have the different audience members fill out an online form and once they’ve left their email address, they’ve granted their permission for you to contact them when your email campaign takes off.

All the leads that we provide for our clients are qualified and they’ll already know about your business, the products and services that you provide, and most importantly they’ll be looking forward to your call.

Are you looking to start an email marketing campaign but don’t have the email leads to make it successful? Well give LeadsBroker, the UK’s number one lead generation specialists, a call today and we’ll provide you with the leads to move your business forward!